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Be a part of the revolution

Findoors are designed in Finland and made in western Canada. They are the best sealing doors in the industry.  With a U-factor of nearly 0, you know these doors are up to the harsh winters that the prairies are all too capable of delivering. With their low head-room clearance requirements and their capability of folding in or out, there is most certainly a Findoor for every situation.



Findoors can be installed on steel or wood. This makes them versatile. They can easily transform your old quonset that has rough sliding doors into a shop that you can actually use again.



Obviously, Findoors can be mounted to wood. So now, your old pole shed that hasn't had functional doors in years can now become a useful building again.

Findoor outswing carwash.png


We can install Findoors on the inside or the outside of your building. Inswing keeps you from having to move snow build up from in front of the door. Outswing allows you more space on the inside of the shop when the doors are open. Either way, installation is a breeze and maintenance is minimal.



The thing that makes these doors revolutionary is the versatility that they allow. With ease, you can open 1 or 2 panels, the left or right half, or the whole thing. They require much less headroom in proportion to their size compared to an overhead door. In some cases they can be installed in as little as 5 inches of headroom. We can put a man-door in one of the sections and configure the windows to what ever you need. Contact us today to see how a Findoor will fit your needs.



Findoors offer exceptional residential doors. They are made with most of the same hardware as the commercial doors, so you know they will last.  And with no cables or springs that can break, it will not leave you stuck. They can be configured to offer a man-door as one of the panels. This means you can forget the actual man-door and save some costs while at the same time giving your garage a contemporary look. Contact us to get yourself a fancy Findoor for your garage.

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